Compression Socks Really Can Help with Joint Pain and Inflammation


Guest post by Sarah Jones. Have you ever considered using compression socks for your joint pain or for inflammation? If you are a sufferer of chronic joint pain and/or inflammation, then you should definitely consider wearing compression socks to help relieve your pain. Not only can they help relieve your pain and inflammation, they can give you a plethora of other benefits.

How can compression socks help me with my joint pain and inflammation?

Compression socks are a great way for you to safely and naturally assist your joint pain and inflammation on a daily basis. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis, compression socks can improve your day to day life.

According to Fleet Feet Hartford, when you wear a pair of compression socks, you can improve your blood flow by at least 30%. This increase in blood flow will help reduce any inflammation you may be experiencing since your body will be receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

In fact, the most common use of compression socks is to aid in poor circulation. Adding a pair of compression socks to your daily wardrobe will immediately improve your blood flow and overall circulation. This improvement will then directly affect any current conditions you may have in the feet or legs as well as prevent others from developing.

And all the while compression socks can improve your blood flow, they can still improve your joint pain. There are different graduations of compression socks available but according to, as little as a medium strength graduation is enough to improve joint pain in the ankles, legs, and feet. However, if you find you are experiencing severe pain or swelling, you may need to acquire prescription strength compression socks.

Prescription-strength compression socks offer higher levels of pressure and can be suited to your individual needs. In contrast to over the counter compression socks, prescription strength compression socks will need to be fitted by a professional to ensure proper functionality and fit.

When you use compression socks for joint pain and inflammation, you will immediately notice the following benefits:

  • An increase in circulation in the legs and feet
  • Relief of pain, stiffness, or aches in the muscles or joints caused by arthritis
  • Reduced risk or even prevention of swelling
  • Improved blood flow and circulation in the legs or feet (also known as edema)
  • Prevention of cold feet, due to the increase in your circulation
  • Reduced moisture in the feet- compression socks are breathable and will specifically wick moisture away to keep your feet dry and free from odors.

How do compression socks work?

Compression socks are able to assist you with your joint pain and inflammation due to the added pressure that they provide. Compression socks can either be knee or thigh length and they will have varying degrees of pressure that graduate down from its highest point (either the knee or the thigh) to give its most pressure at the lowest point- the toes and ankles.

This graduation in pressure will help to dilate your veins, which will ensure proper blood flow throughout the legs. When you can achieve proper blood flow, you will notice improvements in your joint pain and reductions in your inflammation.

If you are suffering from joint pain or inflammation, you should consider adding a pair of compression socks to your day-to-day life. Not only will you see significant health improvements but you will generally feel better.

Have you recently started wearing compression socks for your joint pain or inflammation? How have they worked for you and what benefits or improvements have you noticed? Share your story so others can recognize the benefits of compression socks.




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